Landscape Lighting Contractor Vancouver

The dramatic effect of landscape lighting in the evening and night is truly exceptional. The smart led lighting steps are bright, colorful, and have strobe effects to make the pathways, large trees, and shrubs come to life. But only a professional landscape lighting contractor in Vancouver can work to induce an entirely different feel to your garden’s architectural features for the night.
We have skilled and competent staff with years of experience in providing reliable and responsible landscape lighting setups for commercial and residential properties.

Two types of landscape lighting are in demand, including;

  • Path Lights

Ornamental lamps that are exposed and very much a part of your landscape décor. Many customers choose solar-powered ones, but we recommend plug powered lights for easier maintenance and higher luminosity.

  • Spot Lights

They are hidden and used to expose a tree or shrub from inside to produce a stunning nighttime effect! We provide spotlights in a variety of different finishes, shapes, colors, materials, and styles at reasonable prices.